CROWDWisdom: DIY for Mobile Apps


Leading the smartCROWD this time around… all those out there working to bring mobility and apps to the do-it-yourself (DIY) crowd via developer-free tools. There is a growing base of DIY options that have the ability to enhance work productivity, make life easier for our clients or simply better showcase our information in a mobile environment. Here are three DIY options, ranging from more complex to super easy…

Appirio has a software package that lets enterprise customers create iPad or iPhone apps as easily as click-and-drag. Fast Company did a nice piece on the Appirio option, you can check it out here or you can visit Appirio to check out their mobile app development framework.

Inc. did us all a favor and tested a couple of these… Can You Make Your Own App? Two options were given a tryout by their Tech Trends columnist John Brandon, these options here are a bit more basic.

To create an app like mobile experience with your own content, take a look at startup OnSwipe. Business Insider providers some detail on the new company here or visit their site and take a swipe yourself!

Read about another smartCROWD using DIY to get data in real time!


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