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CROWDVoice: Why Physicians Participate in Real Time Research


Here at InCrowd, we believe that one of our greatest strengths is our Crowd of healthcare professionals. We continue to grow our Crowd, adding new members each and every day. To better understand why Healthcare Professionals join our Crowd and answer questions, we asked 100 random physicians from across the United States 3 questions about their participation in real time research.

Here are the questions that we recently asked:

What features do you find appealing about InCrowd and our methodology?

The Crowd answered back resoundingly with support for the short questions that are quick to complete and easy to answer. Additionally, the physicians really liked having the ability to use their cell phones to answer questions that are targeted toward their specialties.

Here’s what the physicians are saying:

What Physicians Find Appealing about InCrowd

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  • “Quick response system, quick brief answer that is very easy to do by smartphone.”
  • “Pertinent questions to understand how physicians think about issues.”
  • “Quick and convenient. Geared towards cell phone responses.”
  • “Rapid response and brief nature of questions.”

As a healthcare provider answering questions for InCrowd, what do you consider to be the greatest benefit of participation? 

The CROWD answered back that they appreciate the honorarium, and also like the ability to get a pulse of the medical community while providing their personal opinion. They also told us that they enjoy keeping up with hot topics, helping people and answering interesting questions for fun.

Here’s what the physicians are saying:

Greatest Benefits of being in the InCrowd

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  • “Keeps things interesting, gives me a glimpse of what’s going on outside the office setting.”
  • “Contributing to science and improving care.”
  • “Easy to share opinions, and honorarium is quick and convenient.”
  • “Learning new info about the latest data.”

How does your experience answering questions for InCrowd compare to answering questions for other research companies?

The CROWD answered that research via InCrowd is much faster and much easier to complete compared to traditional research. The physicians also commented that they appreciate the more focused questions and the ability to use their cellphones to answer questions.

Here’s what the physicians are saying:

InCrowd compared to other Market Research Companies

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  • “Much better. Length of survey much more manageable.”
  • “Very good. Easy interface and relatively quicker.”
  • “So easy, I look forward to doing it and I like to see how others respond.”
  • “Can be done at my own convenience without spending too much time on the phone or going through multiple screens on the computer. “

Overall, it is clear that physicians enjoy being a member of the InCrowd because of it is easy to participate and they are able to learn from their peers. In addition to monetary incentives, having the ability to use their smart phones makes participating in research appealing.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the power of our Crowds, please drop us note– we’d be happy to tell you more about them.


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