Best of CROWDTalk 2013: Real Time Data from Healthcare Professionals


Best of CROWDTalk 2013 - CROWD VoiceIt has been a great year here at InCrowd! We’ve reached many new milestones; added great new team members and helped many top companies answer questions in real time.

There have been many great blog posts that have graced our pages this year, so we thought that we would organize a few of our top posts from three categories: CROWDVoice: Real time date from healthcare professionals, Big Data and Market Research to close out the year. We will be sharing these posts with you  into early 2014 and hope hope that you enjoy this stroll down memory lane; reminiscing with posts that you are familiar with and reading posts that might be new to you.

One thing that we noticed throughout 2013 was the popularity of posts that include data and physician feedback. We look forward to continuing this series in the New Year, in the mean time – catch up with our top five CROWDVoice posts:

Social Media & Hospitals: Is access allowed or blocked?
Social media has become ubiquitous in our daily life, but we wanted to know… is it an effective medium to reach healthcare professionals? To find out, we asked a group of 640 healthcare professionals across the United States if they are allowed access to social media in their hospitals.

Why people don’t get flu shots
Have you wondered why patients do not get flu shots, and what their potential blockers are?  We asked a Crowd of retail pharmacists a few questions about the 2013-2014 flu season and in this post found that a surprising number of patients believe that getting the flu shot will actually make them sick.

Patient Engagement, It Takes a Village
Patient engagement is a hot topic, and will continue to be with the expansion of meaningful use. In this survey, we asked physicians about patient engagement in their practice, their ideal definition and what they are currently doing to support patient engagement efforts.

Why Healthcare Professionals Participate in Fast Research
One thing that we always want to know here at InCrowd, is why physicians choose to participate in fast or “on-demand” market research. In this post, we asked 100 physicians from across the country about their participation in the Crowd… their answers might surprise you.

Are you comfortable communicating with your doctor via email?
Although this one wasn’t technically a CROWDVoice post, and is actually data from patients, we still decided to include it. Turns out that many people are comfortable communicating with their family physician via email… what do you think?

As always, we’d love to hear from you! Share your favorite posts with us in the comment section below and let us know if there are any topics you would like to see covered in future CROWDVoice posts. Also, be sure to subscribe to CROWDTalk so you don’t miss any posts in 2014.


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